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Wright Management Group LLC was founded by Sonia Lemus-Wright with the purpose of managing a personal portfolio of commercial, residential and mixed use buildings in New York and Guatemala; shortly after, her husband Andrew joined her venture by adding his own properties to the mix. 


With a team of talented and devoted individuals Wright Management Group LLC is able to successfully ensure the buildings are a representation of their owners and that the tenants feel welcome in a place they are able to call home.

As we expand our personal portfolio, we decided to extend our services to other property owners.  We know firsthand how difficult and time consuming it can be to manage one, two, three properties as an individual.  Our team will make those worries disappear. 

Our approach is transparent and practical; you as the owner can rest assured that all the issues from maintenance to communications to finances will be handled with professionalism.

We offer an initial Member subscription and a yearly contract.  We like to structure the rentals in a specific format to create an easy and transparent transaction between our management team and the building’s owner.

We look forward to creating partnerships and working together towards a profitable and worry free experience.

For more information, please feel free to reach out to us by heading to our Contact Us page.

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